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New hymn on the theme of light

This one might work any time when we get the Light of the World readings, or at Candlemas – hence posting it now.  The tune is Gonfalon Royal (generally used for ‘The Royal banners forward go’)

O radiant Lord and Light of light,
who turns earth’s shadows dazzling bright,
O flame of love that heav’n  imparts
to warm seven billion human hearts.

The colours of your dayspring’s glow,
a rainbow-gift to earth below,
to spread the spectrum of your grace,
dispersed through this and every place.

O light that shines to guide our way,
Bless’d Son, illuminate our day!
And grant our eyes a friendly spark
to lead us through the hours of dark.

Now bring to light the things we fear,
and make our moral vision clear,
Remove the darkness from the soul
and make us bright and brave and whole.

Still greater is the light unseen
transcending what our sense can glean:
our hearts’ imagination kneels
in awe at what our faith reveals.

O God, Creator, Christ, the Son,
And Holy Spirit, three in one:
To you our gathered voices raise,
Your universe unites in praise. Amen.

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