About this site

This site is being built into a repository of liturgical material that has been written locally in and for and by parish churches and their ministers, and which the writers have kindly offered to share more widely.  All of it (we believe) conforms to the standards of Canon B5, which requires that the material we write and the ways that we adapt officially published material is ‘reverent and seemly’ and is in keeping with the Church of England’s doctrine.

These resources have been collected in celebration of the freedom that we have to adapt and create liturgy that meets the needs of our local contexts.  You are welcome to use anything on this site as is, or adapt it according to your own local needs (though do bear in mind the copyright disclaimers on those items that make use of images sourced from other websites). You may also be inspired to write your own material too – we encourage you to delve into the commentary material in New Patterns for Worship as you do this – there is much wisdom, encouragement, and insight to be found there.

New items will be added as posts, appearing on the front page of the site, and we try to tag items effectively, so that visitors to the site can search by theme (eg ‘creation’, ‘vocation’), by liturgical element (eg ‘Kyrie confessions’), and by season/occasion (eg ‘Lent’, ‘Pentecost’).  We will also gradually archive items to provide a browse-able set of pages and sub-pages.  The precise headings we use will probably evolve over time, so do bear with us.

Churches from other denominations are, of course, more than welcome to use this material if their own rules permit it.

Please do feel free to submit items to this repository. You can do so via a comment to this page, and we will be in touch! Thank you.


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