Mothering Sunday extended proper preface

I think this is legal; anyway, it’s only a slight tinkering with the Common Worship version of the Song of St Anselm. The / marks are where you’d have your first change of note if you’re chanting it. 

All glory and honour be yours always / and ev’ry where:
loving cre/ator, ever living God.
For like a mother you gather your peo/ple to you:
longing to gather us in your arms, as chicks are /gathered to the mother hen.
For you weep over our sins / and our pride:
Tenderly drawing us from hatred and judgement into the /warmth of your embrace.
For you comfort us in sorrow and bind /up our wounds:
in sickness you nurse us, and / with pure milk you feed us.
Your warmth gives life / to the dead:
your healing / touch makes sinners righteous.
In your compassion bring grace / and forgiveness:
for the beauty of heaven / may your love prepare us.
Your family on earth now lifts our voice to join with the fami/ly of heaven:
ever / praising you and singing:

[continue with Sanctus]

Archive note:
LENT, HOLY WEEK & EASTER > Mothering Sunday


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